• Be prepared

    To long term wellness for your patients by ensuring the health of their lungs by doing spirometry.

    Perform a spirometry test if your patient's medical record evidence that the patient may be jeopardized by the new COVID-19 outbreak.

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  • Early risk stratification of severe respiratory complications

    Let's commit to patients lung health.
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  • Safety is a priority

    The SpiroScout will prevent cross-contamination as it will never host any viruses inside.

The novel coronavirus (CoVID-19) is spreading throughout many countries. It is known to affect the pulmonary parenchyma, thus, creating a restrictive pulmonary pattern.

Spirometry is a great way to check the patient’s airways and evaluate the progression and risk of parenchymal diseases. 

SpiroScout is the spirometer that provides safety and precision when physicians evaluate pulmonary function.

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Be prepared with the right spirometer

Spirometry tests and coronavirus

Coronavirus causes respiratory diseases affecting pulmonary function.  There are many types of human coronaviruses; some can cause mild to severe upper-respiratory tract illnesses in those infected.

COVID-19 is now a new type of coronavirus, and it can develop respiratory complications in certain conditions.

Primary care physicians needs to be prepared to do an accurate evaluation of the lung’s health to provide an adequate follow-up to those that have recovered.

SpiroScout will help physicians with correct and full evaluation of the patient’s airways. Your patients, your team, and your safety is a priority. 

Get an accurate spirometer that will allow you to keep evaluating your patient's lung health. Be prepared, be safe, be ready with SpiroScout.

ATS/ERS Indications
SpiroScout Sample Report


Many spirometers can increase the risk of cross-contamination.

SpiroScout is an ultrasonic-based spirometer that isolates a patient's airflow from entering the device.

  • The ScoutTube, an exclusive flow tube from Schiller, completely isolates the patient’s exhalation from the sensors in the SpiroScout. You can use ScoutTube with other spirometers with a high presence brand in the market.
  • The SpiroScout will prevent cross-contamination as it will never host any pathogens inside.
  • The SpiroScout surfaces are free of screens, keyboards, buttons, or crevices, making it easy to clean and sanitize.
  • When using the SpiroScout, the healthcare professional can maintain a safe distance from the patient to avoid contamination.


  • The SpiroScout has the highest ultrasound frequency in the market.
  • Schiller SpiroScout is a highly-sensitive spirometer capable of measuring very low flows without creating any respiratory resistance on the patient.
  • When analyzing the respiratory curves, the exclusive LFx software will allow you to zoom-in into any part of the curve.
  • SpiroScout accuracy will allow early risk stratification of severe respiratory complications.
  • Unique trend report to monitor progression of lung disease and response to therapy.
ALA Spirometry Interpretation
Trend Sample Report
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Why do spirometry testing?
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The right brand and medical equipment can make a difference

Only the right spirometer will help physicians with full evaluation of the patient’s airways.


A unique high-precision spirometry machine due to direct flow measurement. No warm-up time necessary.

ATS / ERS / OSHA compliant

OSHA compliant with the most recent requirements. ATS/ERS compliance evaluation fully conforms to Gold Standards.

Best-in-class pulmonary software solution

LFx, a modern intuitive interface that will allow you to spend less time learning the functions and more time testing patients.


Standard measuring applications: FVC, SVC, MVV, ATS compliance evaluation.


Remote installation to LFx SW allowing for increased uptime and added-value services.

Training for your staff

Online training for medical staff can guarantee your practice the effective use of the latest medical technology to diagnose your patient.

Spirometry CPT codes

Code 94010. $36.00

Spirometry, including graphic record, total and timed vital capacity, expiratory flow rate measurement(s), with or without maximal voluntary ventilation.**

Code 94060. $62.00

Bronchodilation responsiveness, pre-and post-bronchodilator administration.

Code 94150. $26.00

Vital capacity, total (separate procedure).

Code 94200. $26.00

Maximum breathing capacity, maximal voluntary ventilation.

Code 94375. $40.00

Respiratory flow volume loop.

*CPT codes and reimbursements are provided as an example only and constitute no promise by Schiller or its subsidiaries regarding coverage or payment.

** CPT Code 94010 is the most commonly used in the market.

​Spirometry Reimbursement

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Use this tool to see an approximate reimbursement for spirometries performed based on code 94010*

How many spirometry tests would you typically perform over one week?

*CPT codes and reimbursements are provided as an example only and constitute no promise by Schiller or its subsidiaries regarding coverage or payment. CPT Code 94010 is the most commonly used in the market. **The SpiroScout price is a reference, and it does not represent the final price when purchasing the product through our distributors.

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